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I’m Tanya Lou, a celebrity brand and marketing strategist, turned coach and course creator. It’s been my calling to teach entrepreneurs, startups, and established brands the same insider actionable steps I’ve implemented with household name brands to rapidly accelerate their growth and create a highly engaged avid-fan following.

Through my 10-week Life By Design Mastermind guided course, I take clients through a deep-dive to identify purpose, gain confidence, and all the skills needed for a purpose-driven and successful life and career. With this course, you’ll be able to brand, market, and publicize your brand with confidence and ease. It’s like having an MBA, yet so much more.

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Entrepreneur | Life + Nature Lover | Brand, Life + Career Strategist

Throughout my years as a brand and marketing strategist and publicist, I’ve had the blessing to learn all of the insider tips and acceleration needed for how to make a brand grow, stand out and stay relevant. I’ve been honored to work with the level of talent I have. Yet, most recently, I’ve felt a longing to serve more people and brands, those who have a burning desire to achieve personal and financial freedom, yet don’t quite understand how to make it happen.

Being raised with a mother who suffered from extreme fear throughout her life, I too fought through fear. I suffered from fear of change, fear of letting go, fear of failure, and even success. It seemed to be a common thread among the females in our family, and soon I realized the fear of many more than I would have anticipated. It wasn’t until my mother passed away, that I found the courage to step into my true calling and away from my comfort zone. I made a life + career shift and took all that I had learned and packaged it into a powerful, life-bettering 10-week course to serve a greater impact to many of thousands across the globe. Finding, or rekindling a sense of purpose, while stepping out of fear and into our power, with all the skills and know-how needed to better life and career is where limited beliefs die and life begins.

Today, I sit on top of the world and live a life built on purpose. Fulfilling the dreams of others is the foundation for that very purpose. I couldn’t be happier to do what I do. My world and the world of others I work with feels like what was once a tight rose, is now in full-bloom.

What My Lovely Clients Say

Feeling Blessed!

As a longtime sports broadcaster and entrepreneur, I've come across few coaches who've enlightened me with their heart, soul, mindfulness and beautiful process. Tanya Lou Armstrong ticks those boxes and so many more. She has been a blessing to work with. Her thoughtful approach, willingness to dig in and problem solve and her keen branding eye make her the kind of advisor one can only dream of having at their side. I cannot give her enough praise and I highly recommend her services.
Heidi Androl
Fox Sports & ESPN | The Broadcasting Lab
With a successful career as an On-Camera Image Consultant and Confidence Expert I have worked with several “Branding Experts,” but only one that has shared the same passion about authenticity. Anyone can brand you, but it won’t be sustainable, true, and fulfill the individual if that given brand is inauthentic to the core of that individual. Anything can be packaged to sell, but how far will that get you if you reach burnout or can no longer keep up with the label?

Tanya has a unique and refreshing way of rediscovering, or even uncovering who you truly are and helping you build a beautiful life and business that is wonderfully you. When she first mentioned the desire to help entrepreneurs, with her proven strategy I was floored. Can you imagine having access to a top tier Celebrity Brand and Marketing Strategist?

If you have been craving newness and authenticity Tanya is an incredible guide with a proven process. I am so pleased that our paths have crossed on this journey of life, and I can not wait to see the ripple effect of lives that she is impacting in the entrepreneurial space.
Brandie Price
Brandie Price Image | Award Winning Celebrity makeup artist
Tanya Armstrong is the public relations and brand strategist that many struggling and overwhelmed entrepreneurs need.

Historically Tanya's services have been available almost exclusively to celebrity talent and multi-million dollar household name brands. But, Tanya's 2020 pivot is a win for the everyday entrepreneur, as she starts offering her services and wisdom to early-career entrepreneurs, start-ups and brands aspiring to gain household-name status.

Tanya's unique approach combines her knowledge and extensive track record of PR success with her passion for discovering your purpose, nurturing your courage and transforming your career, your business and your life into what you want it to be.

If you're looking for a successful PR or branding strategy that will accelerate your personal of company brand, while remaining true to who you are - you need to check out Tanya Armstrong.
Juanita Wheeler
Full & Frank | TEDx Speaker
As a 20-year television broadcaster, working with the likes of Diane Sawyer and Walter Cronkite, I have a keen sense for authenticity. Tanya is just that, heart-centered, authentic and excellent at what she does.

Being she has served and supported many of the most prominent individuals in the entertainment field, coaching them on how to maximize their brand and how best to show up in the world, it's thrilling to know that those of us who have not yet attained celebrity status can also benefit from her great wisdom, experience and heart-felt dedication.

I speak from firsthand experience when I say that the way Tanya supports her coaching clients is truly life-transforming. I am most grateful for her.
Tom Martin
Public Relations Strategist | Tom Martin Media, LLC

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